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The Post Covid Marketplace

You know, today I want to talk about, I guess what you could call the elephant in the room, the post COVID economy. I mean, now what, with vaccines rolling out quickly, and everyone's scrambling to try to figure out what the new future looks like. I think it's...

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How to Manage Remote Employees

Today, I'm going to talk about the tricks and the tips and the hacks and the best practices for managing remote teams. Now, the first thing we have to recognize is that managing remote teams is very different than managing captive teams. Now, it would be easy to...

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How to Work From Home

You know, things are changing really quickly. And so many individuals are now working from home or working in some other remote environment. And you know, it's either good or bad, depending on how you manage your remote work life. Now, I've had the great opportunity...

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The skills based economy

Hi, this is Nick Webb and welcome to another episode of the disruption podcast. Today, I'm going to talk about the skills based economy. You know, the skills based economy is actually a real thing. It's not a unicorn, it means that the economy is driven by...

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The Best Way to Learn

Hi, this is Nick Webb and welcome to another episode of the disruption podcast. I'm really excited about today's podcast, I don't have a guest, but I wanted to share with you five principles that are really shaping the future of education. And these are important...

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The Future of Online Learning

Hi this is Nick Webb and welcome to the Nick Webb show. We're gonna talk today with Dr. Murray. Dr. Murray is a colleague of mine at Western University of Health Sciences. And I've always admired his expertise as an educator and as an education technologist and really...

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The real definition of innovation

In this first podcast, I'm going to do something that's incredibly brave. And that is describe innovation. You know, it's interesting in researching one of my first books nearly two decades ago, I was surprised to find that they were literally 1000s, of definitions of...

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