Rapidly and significantly improve

Patient Satisfaction.

Serving the best organizations in the world.

For 40 years we’ve provided the freshest research and the best values, guaranteed.

Below is a small sampling of some of the top organizations in the world that we have served over the last four decades. unlike large bureaucratic and overpriced consulting firms, we take a handcrafted approach with a laser focus on delivering a predictable return on investments for our clients.

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A next-generation training,

certification, and workforce development organization.

We deliver the freshest content to organizations and their stakeholders to help them manage superstar enterprises. Unlike competitive online training and certification programs, we provide a forward-facing curriculum that ensures “future readiness” for our students and the enterprise they serve. We also leverage the patent pending, NanoPacket technology to deliver the best curriculum in the shortest period of time that drives the highest degree of retention and career relevancy.


Learnlogic provides a wide range of customized training programs and implementation consulting services. These comprehensive services help our clients deliver on the promise of enterprise excellence. We have developed a wide range of capabilities to help organizations optimize their workforce while giving them the skills they need to drive enterprise excellence.

Our unique value proposition.

Unlike many online training and certification programs, we provide far greater value to our students and the organizations they work for. Firstly, our content is updated each year to address the major disruptions that are occurring within the new economy and marketplace. This provides our students with a competitive edge over students of other programs that are based on research dating back decades. Secondly, we are practitioners in the fields that we teach so we have expertise across many organizations and industries that validate the practicality and relevancy of our curriculum. Thirdly, our NanoPacket technology reduces the time it takes to get trained and certified by as much as two thirds. We remove wasteful content such as historical context and reams of statistical data while focusing on actionable fresh insights with the simple goal of training superstars. Our delivery approach is fun and conversational, real, and most importantly, actionable – our students love it!

Rapidly and significantly improve

patient satisfaction.

Our Healthcare Consumer Experience (HCX) training

programs address the new mandate of providing exceptional patient experiences in the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare. Our program is designed to connect stakeholder training to over 120 evolving healthcare trends that dynamically impact the way in which we deliver exceptional patient experiences.

We recognize that outdated so-called “Patient Experience (PX) training” is no longer relevant in a time of hyper-consumerism and new patient consumer expectations. Patients today have higher expectations of healthcare providers and demand a seamless and personalized experience. Our program is designed to equip healthcare executives, managers, and professionals with the latest skills and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional patient experiences. We know that you can’t improve patient happiness without improving employee happiness.

Therefore, our program emphasizes significantly improving the quality of work-life while improving patient happiness. 

This approach provides a significant return on investment (ROI) by allowing our clients to attract and keep mission-critical talent. Our curriculum is based on multiple best-selling books on future trends, consumer experience, and healthcare innovation. Additionally, our curriculum is designed by one of the top 30 customer experience experts in the world. As we transition from Disruptive Innovation to our current state of Chaotic Innovation in healthcare, your team members need new skill sets in order to drive happy patients and stakeholders while delivering sustainable and predictable, revenue growth. Lastly, our proprietary RealRatings System will help you gain rapid and actionable insights into patient sentiment that goes far beyond traditional patient satisfaction surveys. Rapidly and Significantly Improve Patient Satisfaction.

Connecting healthcare trends
to training.

Our proprietary TrendGPS Trend Map is constantly evaluating emerging trends.

This allows us to fold relevant healthcare trends into our curriculum. This approach ensures that we provide training based on the best research and updated trend analysis, this approach delivers far better results.

Our proprietary
tiered training.

The Healthcare Consumer Experience (HCX) Ecosystem comprises 1.) Executives, 2.) Leaders, and 3.) Patient Facing Stakeholders. These three tiers require very specific training in order to ensure sustainable and predictable improvements in patient and employee satisfaction. Our three tiers include:

Training for

Patient Experience Executives and Leaders

Our CMPE Certification Training Program is specifically designed to provide Healthcare Consumer Experience (HCX) certification training to executives and leaders that own the responsibility of Healthcare Consumer Experience (HCX) in their organization. This program is also targeted to HR leaders and other leaders within the organization that have an impact on the strategy of patient and employee happiness.

Training for

Patient Experience Managers

Our CPRA certification training program has been developed to provide training for managers, nurse managers, and other stakeholders that manage patient-facing employees. This training provides specific insights into the areas of active observation, conflict resolution, facilitation, and patient experience management.

Training for

Patient-Facing Providers

The PCC Certificate Training is designed for all patient-facing providers and provides a wide range of powerful insights on how to improve engagement, empathy, communication skills, and overall patient happiness. This program also includes a module for telemedicine engagement for providers.

Rapidly and significantly

Improve patient satisfaction.

Improved Patient Satisfaction and Loyalty Scores

By providing exceptional Healthcare Consumer Experience (HCX), patients are more likely to return and recommend your services to others. Studies show that you can increase revenue by as much as 75% by significantly improve in patient experience.

Increased Revenue

Satisfied patients are more likely to accept recommended treatments, leading to increased revenue for your organization. Public ratings have a significant impact on revenue and growth. Our programs help you rapidly improve both patient satisfaction scores, and public ratings.

Far Better Customer Insights

Our proprietary RealRatings System will help you gain rapid and actionable insights on patient sentiment that goes far beyond traditional patient satisfaction surveys. Most importantly, this approach provides actionable insights that instantly transmute into innovations.

Improved Employee Happiness

Employees who are trained to provide exceptional Healthcare Consumer Experience (HCX) are more engaged and motivated, leading to a positive work environment. Additionally, the foundation of our training program is a focus on improving the experience for the employee. You can’t have optimal Patient Satisfaction without having Happy Employees.

Key trends

Impacting Patient Satisfaction

  • Decentralization of Care
  • Generation II Telemedicine, and Asynchronous Telemedicine
  • Engagement Automation through Artificial Intelligence
  • Rapidly Evolving new economic and delivery of care models
  • Consumerization and the rapid growth of “retail care”
  • Emerging technologies that reduce friction while improving Patient Satisfaction
  • The impact of fractional staffing and traveling nurses
  • The impact of One Medical and other rapidly evolving subscription care models
  • In total, over 120 trends will be impacting the delivery of patient care

Other programs provided by LearnLogic.

We provide 100% customized training in the areas of human experience (HX) design, innovation, ethical sales training, professional communications, leadership, workplace happiness, employee onboarding, and other custom certificates, and non-certificate training.

Innovation Superstar Training program

Leading Your Markets in Enterprise, Strategic, and Technology Innovation

We help great organizations leverage fresh innovation research from number one best-selling books to drive innovation across their enterprise. We help your teams become Innovation Superstars by leveraging our deep research on Innovation, Design and Creativity. Remember, innovation is not just about inventing “bright shiny objects.” Rather, innovation principles can be applied to every department within your organization to significantly improve efficiency, while driving predictable and sustainable growth. Some of the key benefits of building innovation as a core competency, include:

  • Improve return on strategy and mission
  • Lead your market with the best technologies, products, and business processes
  • Significantly improve stakeholder engagement
  • Get far better employee and customer insights
  • Significantly increase productivity
  • Rapidly improve employee satisfaction

Our programs are based on number one best-selling books:

Brand Name
Brand Name

LearnLogic’s Innovation Superstar training program

is a customized leadership and management program that leverages multiple best-selling books and LearnLogic’s proprietary instructional design to teach leaders and managers how to cultivate a culture of innovation within their organization. The program covers how innovation can drive significant improvements in organizational excellence, cost management, employee satisfaction, customer happiness, and organizational growth. The training focuses on specific obstacles to innovation and how to overcome them while providing examples of innovative practices that have led to success in each area. The program encourages and rewards innovation, and helps leaders and managers develop the skills needed to become an Innovation Superstar and drive growth and success for their organization.

Program overview

  • Definition of innovation
  • Importance of innovation for driving organizational excellence, cost management, employee satisfaction, customer happiness, and organizational growth
  • Common obstacles to innovation in organizations
  • Explanation of the obstacles
  • How to overcome these obstacles
  • How innovation can improve organizational excellence
  • Examples of innovative practices that have led to organizational excellence
  • How leaders and managers can cultivate a culture of innovation to drive organizational excellence
  • How to develop an integrated HX strategy
  • How to leverage Innovation Acceleration in a time of chaotic change

Happiness as a Strategy (HaaS ).

Building a Culture of Happiness to Attract and Keep the Best Talent

Our workplace happiness training and consulting programs get results, plain and simple. In order to attract and keep mission-critical talent, organizations need to develop the infrastructure, training, and support necessary to build a “Culture of Happiness”. Our Certified Training Programs provide significant benefits to include:

Brand Name
  • Attract and keep the best talent Successfully lead and manage remote teams
  • Drive and foster employee-based innovations
  • Reduce onboarding and retention costs
  • Create major improvements in social ratings
  • Build a Culture of True Happiness
  • Significantly increase staff productivity
  • Rapidly improve employee satisfaction

LearnLogic’s “Happiness as a Strategy ” (HaaS) Training Program

is a state-of-the-art program designed to educate executives and managers on how to implement a cultural transformation of organizational happiness. The program focuses on the benefits of organizational happiness, which include increased employee attraction and retention, improved employee productivity, presentism, and return on human capital. HaaS covers the specific strategies and tactics that leaders and managers can use to foster a culture of happiness within their organization. The program offers actionable steps for implementing change and provides best practices and case studies to illustrate the impact of organizational happiness on employee satisfaction, productivity, and the bottom line. LearnLogic’s HaaS training program is a powerful tool for organizations looking to improve their culture and achieve greater success by prioritizing the happiness of their employees.

Program overview


Importance of organizational happiness Benefits of implementing “Happiness as a Strategy” (HaaS)

Understanding Organizational Happiness

Definition and key factors of organizational happiness The impact of organizational happiness on employee satisfaction and productivity

Implementing HaaS

Steps and best practices Case studies of successful implementation

Strategies for Increasing Organizational Happiness

Creating a positive work environment Encouraging work-life balance and appreciation Fostering a culture of recognition

Measuring Organizational Happiness

Methods for measuring organizational happiness Using data to improve organizational happiness

Overcoming Obstacles

Common obstacles to implementing HaaS Strategies for overcoming obstacles


Recap of course contents Importance of prioritizing organizational happiness Call to action for leaders and managers

Human Resources & Remote Training

HR Executive and Employee Training for the New Workforce

We help the best organizations lead Superstar Cultures. Our programs include Human Resource (HR) Executive, Leader, and Manager Training and Certified Master of Human Experience (CMHX). Other programs include Certified Remote Worker Leader (CRWL) and Remote Worker Certificate (RWC) training. Our programs significantly improve remote worker productivity, while concurrently providing measurable improvements in their quality of remote work life.

Certified Master of Human Experience (CMHX ).

Leadership and Executive Training

This powerful program recognizes that “Human Experience” today is an innovation activity. It further recognizes that old-fashioned stakeholder surveys and scoring systems do not provide actionable insights. You will learn how to lead and manage teams to gain the highest level of stakeholder insights while delivering new stakeholder experience innovations.

Certified Remote Workforce Leader (CRWL ).

Remote Workforce Leaders and Managers Training

The “Zoom economy” has changed the way in which we engage employees. This goes far beyond understanding just the technology of remote engagements. In this powerful program, you will learn how to leverage new systems and tools to engage and measure the performance of remote employees. You’ll also learn how to significantly improve their quality of work-life.

Remote Work Certified (RWC ).

Leadership and Executive Training

Our certified remote workers become superstars at managing the disparate tasks of a home and work life. We provide great insights on compartmentalizing work and home, through leveraging weekly trajectory planning to maximize productivity and reporting while significantly reducing stress. We focus to improve the quality of work-life for remote workers while managing and measuring productivity. Our program can provide returns on investments in increased productivity in just a few weeks.

Student Experience Design (SXD).

The best universities and colleges are leveraging formal Student Experience Design (SXD) to drive admissions, retention and alumni support

We are proud to offer a certified Student Experience Professional (SXP) program that provides colleges and universities with the tools they need to deliver an exceptional student experience in today’s rapidly changing higher education landscape. Our program is designed to help managers, leaders, and educators enhance their skills and knowledge to create an environment that fosters student success and satisfaction.

Our program is focused on three key areas: student experience, stress management, and alumni loyalty. By training your staff in these critical areas, you will be able to improve curriculum, retention rates, and overall student satisfaction. Our program is flexible and can be customized to fit the unique needs of your institution, whether you are a small community college or a large research university.

Improved Student Experience:

Our program will help your staff understand the importance of creating a positive and supportive environment that fosters student success. By providing the tools and resources necessary to deliver an exceptional student experience, you will be able to attract and retain more students, improve graduation rates, and enhance your institution’s reputation.

Stress Management:

College can be a stressful time for many students. Our program provides tools and strategies to help students manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. By supporting your students in this way, you will create a healthier and more productive learning environment.

Enhanced Curriculum:

Our program will help your staff identify areas where your curriculum can be improved to better meet the needs of your students. By working to create a more relevant and engaging curriculum, you will be able to keep your students engaged and motivated.

Improved Retention Rates:

By creating a positive and supportive learning environment, you will be able to improve retention rates and ensure that more of your students successfully complete their degree programs.

Increased Alumni Loyalty:

Our program will help your institution build stronger relationships with your alumni, creating a network of advocates who will support your institution and help attract new students.

We are committed to helping you create an exceptional student experience that will benefit your institution and your students for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our Student Experience Professional program and how we can help your institution thrive in a time of rapid change in higher education.

The best

Live and live-virtual training on the planet

LearnLogic’s state-of-the-art training program is a comprehensive solution that includes our full professional digital training studio for live virtual events, as well as on-site custom training programs. Our training programs are 100% customized to meet the unique needs and challenges of each organization. All of our programs begin with a comprehensive “State of Competency Analysis” that helps us identify areas of improvement and inform the development of a tailored training curriculum.

We pride ourselves on delivering effective and efficient training that drives greater retention in a short period of time. Our proprietary learning system ensures that the material is engaging, interactive, and memorable. We offer both live and live virtual training options to accommodate the preferences and needs of our clients.

Our professional digital training studio provides a state-of-the-art environment for live virtual events that creates a seamless experience for participants. We use the latest technology to provide a high-quality experience that is easy to access and navigate. Our on-site custom training programs offer a more immersive experience that allows participants to engage with the material in a hands-on way.

Overall, LearnLogic’s training programs are designed to provide organizations with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve success. We believe that customized, engaging, and effective training is the key to driving organizational excellence and growth.

Our Market-Leading Research

Providing Exceptional Value

Our research comprises multiple number-one best-selling books and deep trend research. Our programs ultimately provide the following key benefits:


  • Best-in-class live and virtual training programs
  • World-class curriculum
  • NanoPacket instructional design for optimal retention
  • Exceptional return on investment
  • Full-service training, coaching and consulting
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About your instructor, Nicholas J. Webb

Award-winning inventor, number-one best-selling author, CEO, and Innovation and Strategy Management consultant.

Nicholas Webb (Nick) is the CEO of LeaderLogic , a management consulting firm that provides consulting services to some of the top brands in the world. His clients include the likes of Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, FedEx, Salesforce, Pfizer, and Verizon, just to name a few. As an Innovator, Nick has been awarded over 40 US patents for technologies ranging from one of the world’s smallest medical implants to one of the first wearable technologies.

Nick is a prolific best-selling author with books that include The Innovation Mandate, What Customers Crave, What Customers Hate, Happy Work, and Lucid Leadership. Nick has served as a Chief Innovation Officer and an Adjunct professor at one of the country’s top medical schools. Nick is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker and recently has been listed as one of the top keynote speakers in the world for Global Guru’s Top 30 Award – seven years in a row (2014-2022)