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We help our HR Executive Clients build superstar strategies, workforce development, training programs, and leadership development that drive employee attraction and retention while improving employee productivity.

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For 40 years we’ve provided the freshest research and the best values, guaranteed.

Below is a small sampling of some of the top organizations in the world that we have served over the last four decades. unlike large bureaucratic and overpriced consulting firms, we take a handcrafted approach with a laser focus on delivering a predictable return on investments for our clients.

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We understand

your challenges and we are here to help!

As a Human Resources professional, you understand the importance of creating a positive and productive work environment. But finding the right strategies and programs to improve employee satisfaction and happiness can be overwhelming. LeaderLogic is here to help. We understand your challenges and we are here to help!

Our team of experts specializes in providing HR strategies, employee happiness, and workforce development programs that drive results.

We understand the unique challenges that come with managing a workforce. We have the tools and strategies to help you create a culture of engagement, productivity, and HR strategic results.

Best-in-Class Services

We provide to our clients

Employee Happiness and Wellness Programs

We improve employee happiness and well-being to drive significant improvements in employee attraction and retention while boosting productivity.

Accurate and Actionable Employee Insights

Our RealRating employee insights systems leverage a range of insight tools that go far beyond outdated, inaccurate, and non-actionable employee surveys. Simply stated, we deliver the best employee insights.

Organizational Development

We help organizations align their structure, culture, and processes with their goals. This includes detailed planning, management and implementation services.

World-class HR Strategies

We develop world-class HR strategies that elevate our HR executive clients to superstardom in their organization.

Remote Work Strategies and Training

We help our clients significantly improve the management of remote workers. We also work with companies to help them develop a back-to-office strategy.

Performance Management

We help organizations develop and manage superstar employees. We also provide a wide range of productivity tools and measurement systems.

Leadership Development and Coaching

We provide leadership and team assessment, leadership development, coaching, and certificate training that deliver significant improvements in managerial results.

Employee Training and Development Programs

We provide best-in-class live, virtual, and asynchronous training across all types of leadership and management skills. Our programs are based on multiple number one bestselling books and fresh deep research.

Our Three

service pillars.

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LeaderLogic’s next-generation HR strategy services are designed to help organizations stay ahead of the curve in today’s rapidly changing organizational landscape. Our services are built upon the latest research and best practices in the field of Human Resources and are designed to provide maximum benefits for our clients.

Workforce Analytics: We use advanced analytics tools to help organizations better understand their workforce, including employee engagement levels, turnover rates, and performance metrics. This information can be used to identify areas of improvement and develop targeted strategies to improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Talent Management: We help organizations develop and implement strategies for recruiting, retaining, and developing top talent. Our talent management services include workforce planning, talent acquisition, and career development programs.

Culture Transformation: We work with organizations to create a positive and productive work environment by aligning their culture with their organization’s goals. Our culture transformation services include assessments, employee engagement surveys, and change management strategies.

Training and Workforce Development: We assist organizations in leveraging the latest learning technologies and instructional design to create custom training programs that significantly improved employee, competency, and productivity.


LeaderLogic’s RealRatings system provides unparalleled employee insights for HR executives. Our cutting-edge technology and advanced algorithms deliver highly accurate and actionable data that can be used to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance.

With RealRatings, HR executives can gain a deeper understanding of their employees’ strengths, weaknesses, and overall job satisfaction allowing them to make informed decisions that drive business success. In addition, our system allows for real-time tracking of employee performance so HR executives can quickly identify and address any issues that arise.

RealRatings also provides a more comprehensive and unbiased view of employee performance. It allows for 360-degree feedback, where managers, peers, and subordinates can rate the employee, providing a more holistic view of their performance. This can also increase employee engagement and motivation, as they feel they are being heard and valued.

By investing in LeaderLogic’s RealRatings system, HR executives can gain valuable insights that will help them create a more engaged, motivated, and high-performing workforce. With RealRatings, you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions that will have a positive impact on your business.

Workforce Development
and Custom Training.

LeaderLogic’s workforce development and custom training programs are designed to help HR executives improve employee competency and productivity. Our programs are tailored to the specific needs of your organization, ensuring that your employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their roles.

One of the key benefits of our programs is that they help to improve employee competency. By providing your employees with the training and development they need, you can ensure that they have the skills and knowledge required to perform their jobs effectively. This can lead to higher levels of productivity, as employees are able to work more efficiently and effectively.

Another benefit of our programs is that they help to improve employee engagement. When employees feel that they are being invested in, they are more likely to be motivated and engaged in their work. By providing your employees with opportunities for professional development, you can create a more engaged workforce, which can lead to higher levels of productivity and retention.

Our custom training programs also help HR Executives to identify and develop high-potential employees. By providing training and development opportunities, you can help to identify employees who have the potential to take on leadership roles in the future. This can help you to build a strong and effective leadership team, which is essential for organizational success.

Why LeaderLogic

is your best choice.

LeaderLogic has been providing management consulting services for some of the top brands in the world for over 30 years, and our impeccable reputation speaks for itself. In a recent project, we provided a $10.7 million dollar return on our client’s investment. We also leverage the best research to deliver a range of services that provide a significant return on our client’s investment. Our three divisions all support our HR Executives and Leaders through our expertise in the areas of HR management consulting, HR training, and employee insights. Our service divisions include LeaderLogic , LearnLogic , and RealRatings

Other programs provided by LearnLogic.

We provide 100% customized training in the areas of human experience (HX) design, innovation, ethical sales training, professional communications, leadership, workplace happiness, employee onboarding, and other custom certificates, and non-certificate training.

About your instructor, Nicholas J. Webb

Award-winning inventor, number-one best-selling author, CEO, and Innovation and Strategy Management consultant.

Nicholas Webb (Nick) is the CEO of LeaderLogic , a management consulting firm that provides consulting services to some of the top brands in the world. His clients include the likes of Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, FedEx, Salesforce, Pfizer, and Verizon, just to name a few. As an Innovator, Nick has been awarded over 40 US patents for technologies ranging from one of the world’s smallest medical implants to one of the first wearable technologies.

Nick is a prolific best-selling author with books that include The Innovation Mandate, What Customers Crave, What Customers Hate, Happy Work, and Lucid Leadership. Nick has served as a Chief Innovation Officer and an Adjunct professor at one of the country’s top medical schools. Nick is also an award-winning documentary filmmaker and recently has been listed as one of the top keynote speakers in the world for Global Guru’s Top 30 Award – seven years in a row (2014-2022)

Fresh research

based on best-selling books.

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