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Did you know that over 90% of organizations launch a Customer Experience Training and CX Strategic Initiative before they’re ready? This lack of preparation results in very poor enterprise impact, and return on investment. Complete our short readiness assessment and our Certified Management Consultants will review your answers and provide you a readiness score.

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Assessment Questions

Do you have a comprehensive and formal Customer Experience Strategy?

Do you have an integrated budget for the development and deployment of a strategy?

Do you have a training program that provides specific training for strategic leaders, CX managers and customer facing employees?

Has the leadership of your organization made customer experience an enterprise priority?

Do you have the people resources to develop a strategy and training program?

Assessment Questions

Have you conducted formal Customer Personification and Customer Journey Mapping activities and processes?

Do you have captive expertise in the area of customer experience innovation, customer insights and customer service training?

Do you have broad support from the organization across departments and leaders to make customer experience a priority?

Do you feel that you have all the necessary gaps filled to launch a successful integrated customer experience initiative?

Please tell us a bit more about your current state of customer experience readiness

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