Remote Work Certified.

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Remote Work Certified™ (RWC™)

Our certified remote workers become superstars at managing the disparate tasks of a home and work life. This powerful program provides great insights on how to compartmentalize work and home. It also provides practical skills on how to leverage weekly trajectory planning to maximize productivity and reporting while significantly reducing stress. The focus of this program is to improve the quality of work-life for remote workers while at the same time managing and measuring productivity. Our program can provide returns on investments in increased productivity in a matter of just a few weeks.

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Actionable takeaways include

How to develop your ”Zoom brand.”
Avoiding common technology mistakes
Engagement and presentation skills
Developing your weekly Sprint plan
How to compartmentalize your work and home life
How to reduce and manage stress
How to increase productivity through our Sprint project planning
How to create the best progress report

About this course

This program is designed for remote employees that are looking to significantly improve productivity, quality of work-life, and reporting of their work. The course takes approximately 1-2 hours and includes all course material and exams, and has no prerequisite.  Team and enterprise discounts are available at a significant discount. Our students demonstrate their value to employers by understanding how to provide the highest amount of productivity through our certified training. This is a great investment for individuals and organizations. 

What makes us different is what makes us better.

Our programs have been developed by Certified Management Consultants and true subject matter experts. Our content was created in 2021 and addresses all of the contemporaneous issues facing employees and leaders in a time of massive change and disruption. Our programs are delivered in a short nano-packet that is conversational and approachable. We eliminate two-thirds of the wasted time delivered by competitive programs. We only deliver relevant and “future-facing” content to our students. Our programs are not theoretical; they are highly practical and provide real-world practices that you can apply immediately within your organization.

100% moneyback guarantee

All of our programs come with 100% moneyback guarantee your happiness is always guaranteed at LearnLogic. No risk, just a great opportunity for your career and your organization.

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Simply the best Remote Work Certified training.

Remote workers need to quickly develop actionable skills on how to manage remote work to optimize productivity while ensuring an exceptional quality of life. Our (RWC) program provides you actionable insights on how to thrive in a time of disconnect. Unlike bloated programs that provide non-actionable insights, we focus on practical real-world skills with proven results.


What you get:

  • Your registration fee includes all online training and course material

  • Once you complete the program you will receive your Remote Work Certificate (RWC) Certificate designation

  • You are also granted full authorization to use the certification logo on your website and social channels including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. This is a fast way to build your career and your personal brand

  • You will also be subscribed to our weekly podcast to keep your learnings fresh

  • Most importantly you will receive the most actionable insights in the shortest period of time, which will allow you and your career to soar

  • Lastly, you will become part of the prestigious learnlogic™ alumni community. This will provide you the opportunity to collaborate and network with other alumni members


"LearnLogic provided useful, practical information that I could instantly apply at my job. "

Chris C.

Business Development Professional

"This program gave me the skillset and important information needed to advance my career. The templates and resources were well-organized and applicable."

Jesse C.

Operations Manager

"The program went by really fast, and I learned a lot."

Stacy K.

Project Management Leader

"I loved this program! It’s not really a complaint, but I was learning so much that I wish it could have been just a little bit longer."

Taylor S.

Director of Marketing