Certified Master of Human Experience.

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Certified Master of Human Experience™ (CMHX™)

Leadership and Executive Training

This powerful program recognizes that “Human Experience” today is an innovation activity. It further recognizes that old-fashioned stakeholder surveys and scoring systems do not provide actionable insights. In this powerful program, you will learn how to lead and manage teams to gain the highest level of stakeholder insights while delivering new stakeholder experience innovations. This amazing program can typically be completed in approximately 1 to 2 months (prerequisites apply.)

Grow your career and your organization with a prestigious CMHX Certification

Human Resource (HR) executives, need to develop a new range of skills to address many new organizational and market factors. This includes managing remote workforces, inclusion, talent competition, emerging technologies and social factors just to name a few. In this powerful program, you will learn how to leverage Human Experience Design™ (HXD) to identify your stakeholder’s personas, development stakeholder journey maps, gain better stakeholder insights and ultimately improve the overall quality, productivity and work life for everyone.

Gain an unfair competitive edge with these learnings

Why stakeholder promotion scoring and surveys are obsolete
Develop a formal Human Experience Design™ plan that you can deploy immediately
Leverage the next generation of Stakeholder Journey Mapping across Five Touch Points
Leverage hate/love stakeholder personification
Learn how to compete for talent in a time of hyper-competition
How to address stakeholder hyper-consumerization and job expectation
Lead your market in employee ratings across all departments and leaders

What makes us different… is what makes us better

Outdated and frankly stale content is no longer good enough. Our training programs are based on research from three separate best-selling books. This research is forward facing and not an inventory of old-fashioned concepts and ideas that are destroying some of the best brands in the world. Our content will take you and your organization to a state of relevancy, innovation and most importantly future readiness.

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Simply the best Certified Master of Human Experience training.

Go beyond old-fashioned quality of work life programs that no longer work in the “talent centric economy.” Our programs are taught by world-renowned human experience and quality of work life thought leaders. Designed to advance your organization and your career, our programs include skills-based learning that gets results.


What you get:

  • Your registration fee includes all online training and course material
  • Once you complete the program you will receive your Certified Master of Human Experience (CMHX) Certificate Designation
  • You are also granted full authorization to use the certification logo on your website and social channels including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. This is a fast way to build your career and your personal brand.
  • You will also be subscribed to our weekly podcast to keep your learnings fresh
  • Most importantly you will receive the most actionable insights in the shortest period of time, which will allow you and your career to soar
  • Lastly, you will become part of the prestigious learnlogic™ alumni community. This will provide you the opportunity to collaborate and network with other alumni members