Certified Master of Customer Experience.

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Certified Master of Customer Experience

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Certified Master of Customer Experience program recognizes that customer experience today is an innovation activity. Certified Master of Customer Experience further recognizes that old-fashioned surveys and scoring systems do not provide actionable insights. In this Certified Master of Customer Experience program, you will learn how to lead and manage teams to gain the highest level of accurate customer insights while delivering new customer experience innovations. This amazing program can typically be completed in approximately 1 to 2 months (prerequisites apply.)

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Grow your career and your enterprise with a prestigious Certified Master of Customer Experience Certification

In a time of massive disruption, old-fashioned incremental and slow processes will destroy your career and your organization. Leadership, customer experience professional and organizational excellence is an innovation process, plain and simple. Most of the programs that are provided to leaders and team members were created on research and methods that were developed decades ago. If you want to lead your organization in a time of disruption you need a new set of tools and systems that are driving the best organizations in the world.

Gain an unfair competitive edge with these learnings

Why promotion scoring and surveys are outdated
Develop a formal Customer Experience Innovation™ plan that you can deploy immediately
Leverage the next generation of Customer Journey Mapping across Five Touch Points
Leverage hate/love personification
Build out the best CX teams in a time of massive disruption
How to address hyper-consumerization
Lead the best CX program in your industry

What makes us different… is what makes us better

Outdated and frankly stale content is no longer good enough. Our Certified Master of Customer Experience training programs are based on research from three separate best-selling books. This research is forward facing and not an inventory of old-fashioned concepts and ideas that are destroying some of the best brands in the world. Our Certified Master of Customer Experience content will take you and your organization to a state of relevancy, innovation and most importantly future readiness.


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Simply the best Certified Certified Master of Customer Experience training.

Go beyond old-fashioned customer experience professional programs that no longer work in the friction-free economy. Our programs are led by a world-renowned Certified Master of Customer Experience and innovation thought leader. This program will give you and your organization the superpower to drive sustainable growth and future-readiness.


What you get from our Certified Master of Customer Experience

  • Your registration fee includes all online training and course material.
  • Once you complete your program, you will receive your Certified Master of Customer Experience™ (CMCX™) certification and certificate.
  • You are also granted authorization to use the certification logo on your website and social channels including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. A fast way to build your career and your personal brand.
  • You will also be automatically subscribed to Nick Webb’s podcast that will give you regular updated ideas on how to leverage your learnings to further your career and your enterprises success. Short podcasts that give you powerful ideas that you can apply immediately.
  • Perhaps most importantly, you will receive the learnings on how to master customer experience, delivered in a fun and fast format. No reams of paper work, outdated approaches or long meaningless lectures. Our programs or future facing not a roundup of what used to work.


One of the TOP 21 books to read on CX in 2021.

"LearnLogic provided useful, practical information that I could instantly apply at my job. "

Chris C.

Business Development Professional

"This program gave me the skillset and important information needed to advance my career. The templates and resources were well-organized and applicable."

Jesse C.

Operations Manager

"The program went by really fast, and I learned a lot."

Stacy K.

Project Management Leader

"I loved this program! It’s not really a complaint, but I was learning so much that I wish it could have been just a little bit longer."

Taylor S.

Director of Marketing

Frequently asked questions

Visit our frequently asked questions page to get instant answers to the most common questions. If you don’t find an answer to your questions, no problem, just reach out we love our customers. 

Is there a money back guarantee?

Simply complete your first four lessons, and if you’re not happy with the content or the training method, simply request a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Individuals that choose to complete the course, would pay for their training.

How do I request and receive a refund?

Simply reach out to one of our customer service representatives to quickly process a qualifying refund. We are open from 8 AM to 5 PM Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday.

Is recertification required?

All of our certification programs require recertification every three years. We do this to make certain that employers know that we are keeping our students up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. The recertification fee is only $299 and it includes your recertification course and material. Certificate programs do not require recertification.

Do you provide technical support?

Yes, our office hours are from 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday Mountain Standard Time. We have designed our programs to be problem-free by leveraging an established LMS platform. We want your experience to be amazing so were always glad to help.

Do you provide discounts for not-for-profit corporations?

Our discounts are based on volume, not the structure of an organization. However, we do offer good institutional discounts. Simply reach out and we will find a solution and a price that works for your organization.

Do you provide discounts for multiple employees?

Absolutely, please reach out to us for a custom quote.

Do you provide custom training?

Absolutely we have a wide range of resources that include instructional design, video production, live/virtual training, and training event management. Please reach out we would love to help you build a world-class custom training solution.

Do you help in the area of implementation?

We provide a best-in-class consulting services solution for all of the areas that we provide training. If you are looking for a turnkey solution that includes strategy, implementation, and training we can help.

Do you provide live and live virtual training?

All of our programs are available as live or virtual live workshops and training programs. They can also be customized and branded for your organization. We also provide white labeling solutions for other training organizations.


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